There heirloom are traditional memories wrapped in karakara-sembei
These okashi represent the folklore embedded in japanese sembei.
Transporting the current generation to the good old days of traditional japanese culture.

What is Karakara Senbei?

Karakara Senbei is a specialty of Shonai area in Yamagata prefecture, and this traditional sweet has a history from Edo period.
There is a small toy in each triangle rice cracker! You will find a small surprise each time. It is an exciting sweet with full of dreams.
We are using the brown sugar from Okinawa, and surely you will enjoy the taste.
There are also other sweets that we are proud of – so please have a look at our website.

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About Usami rice cracker shop

Established in 1949, we have been making beloved sweets by the locals since then. We began the production of "Karakara Senbei" in 1983.
Thanks to customers, it is now available across the country and we have fans everywhere.
Our mission is to keep the traditional of local sweets to the next generations without change from the old days, and enrich the customers’ life by our sweets.
Pleasing the eyes and mouth.
We would like to keep producing the attractive sweets that we can share dreams and excitements with the customers. We think this is our mission of Usami rice cracker shop.

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Introduction of the original product

Original Karakara Senbei : We can customize Karakara senbei for you!
The variety of the toys were originally 20-30 at first, however now the number has expanded to more than 150 kinds.
In addition, we produce the original rice cracker catering to your needs such as for a present for the various parties, wedding ceremony and event, a gift and novelty.
Usually it requires a minimum amount to place an order for the customized product.
Karakara Senbei is baked by hand one by one, therefore we are able to change the toy inside easily upon your request and also possible to accept the small amount of order.